2017 Summer Conference

Thank you for joining us summer 2017

Thank you for joining us Summer 2017.  Join us at our Summer 2018 Conference - Unlocking the Behavioral Code: Social/Emotional Behavioral Difference:
 June 12 in Boise, June 14 in Fort Hall and June 19 in Moscow. Registration opens in March 2018.

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Using UDL guidelines to support all learners


Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley - Dynamic leadership speaker, author and creator of the popular TED talk “Lollipop Moments,"  Dudley motivates individuals and organizations to create “a culture of everyday leadership."   Visit his Bio Page.

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Aleksandra Hollingshead

Dr. Aleksandra Hollingshead - Professor, researcher, UDL-IRN committee member, and Idaho DADD president, Dr. Hollingshead supports teachers and students to focus on engagement in learning in various education settings. 


Dan Lerner

Dan Lerner - NYU instructor of the popular course “the Science of Happiness,” author, teacher, speaker and strengths-based performance coach, Lerner uses positive psychology to help uplift people to lead happy lives and pursue excellence. Visit his Bio Page.

Dan Learner